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Armenia portal is an international communication platform for all those Armenians, who are spread in many countries.

For ages in different countries of the world- in Middle East, Europe, as well as in North and South America there have been Armenian communities. They now have their representative offices in more than 70 states.

Armenia portal will help You to obtain Armenian friends, acquaintances and partners in Your region as well, also new friends for sport and entertainment.

Don’t miss this chance.

Get acquainted with interesting people living in Armenia in Armenia portal, establish sociable/friendly relations and, maybe, You’ll find Your real love by lottery.

Due to the function of looking for friends and partners You will easily, without difficulties find new contacts in our titanic database.

Establish new acquaintances, exchange experiences and associate with each other. Our attractive contact-suggestions will absolutely stimulate You.

Have a good time and success in website.

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Lilit, 28, Germany
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Smbat, 22, Armenia
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Varduhi, 50, Armenia


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